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 Age verification - ID checker

Sonnenstudio Solarium Personalausweis-Prüfung - ID-Checker prüft Personalausweis sowie Führerschein und Pass auf Echtheit und Geburtsdatumserkennung



Introduction of the Product

The product can be used as certifying equipment in such cases of cigarette vending machines, alcohol vending machines, restricted entrances and more, for this equipment certifies the age limits by comparing the present time with the decoded birth age, from the processes of scanning and recognizing the authenticity discrimination such from driver’s licenses, ID cards or passports.

It is basically formed by the categories of external appearances, indication, recognition and discrimination, and correspondence.

The discrimination part uses certain sensors(such as ultra violet rays, infrared rays, light sensors) to distinguish the authenticity acceptance standard, scans the birth dates using OCR methods, compares the present time with the birth date with recognized characters, and maintains its efficiency by counter measuring its efficiency of under certain environments (such as winter, summer, sun rays, dusts).

It can be up graded by using the IRDA correspondence part.

The main characteristics of this product are as the following:

  1. The driving licenses, ID cards, passports certify the OCR method with its swiping method.
  2. After the process of swiping, it makes the final decision of certification and authenticity discrimination.
  3. Checks for its falsification using the ultra violet rays, infrared rays, light sensors, and CIS sensors.
  4. Upgrades the program using IRDA correspondence.
  5. PCB is water proof.
  6. Contains certain environmental measures,and more.